Primedic HeartSave AED-M

AED7,700.00 (Excluding VAT)
  • Easy to use AED reliable to any lay rescue
  • Language instructions, heart rate, number of defibrillations, ECG curve
  • Designed to administer fast and safe treatments against cardiac arrests and able to give visual details on lifesaving actions and information throughout a large display
  • Practical, Intuitive with CPR guidance and clear instruction supporting the rescuer through the protocol for effective operations



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  • USER INFORMATION: Language instructions, heart rate, number of defibrillations, ECG curve, number of detected VF/VT, total resuscitation time.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use AED with a 4.7“ blue-mode monitor. Voice prompts and a precise metronome are displayed throughout the defibrillation process.
  • Small and light working with long-life batteries for maximum portability.
  • Best solution for more expertise rescuers or paramedics to act everywhere.
  • MODEL: LCD, Blue Model
  • DIMENSIONS: 95x72mm (4.7”)
  • DISSPOSABLE BATTERIES Service life 6 years
  • DIMENSIONS: 25X28X9 cm
  • Compact memory: Compact Flash (CF) card 2 GB
  • Data / Voice recording: 24H. Voice recording can be deactivated
  • ENERGY: 50-360 J according to patient impedance
  • IMPULSE SHAPE: Biphasic, current controlled impulses, external (CCD)
  • Battery (Non-rechargeable)
  • Pads Set (Adult)
  • User manual


  • Battery (AKUPAK-rechargeable)
  • Wall Mount
  • Pads (Pediatric)
  • Bag XD

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