For the factories is very important to be equip with the First Aid Kits and Medical equipment. It’s refers to the first, temporary and safe treatment of injuries before professional medical help arrives. It involves simple and rapid measures, such as clearing the air passageway, resuscitation of those who have stopped breathing, applying pressure to bleeding wounds or dressing chemical burns to the eye or skin. The main objectives include preservation of life, preventing injury or illness from worsening and promoting quick recovery.

High-risk areas would include any factories, chemical plants and foundry. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, all workplaces must have first aid facilities within reach.

Situations requiring First Aid include falls, bruises, cuts, severed limbs, crushing injuries, entanglements, intoxication by chemicals, lack of oxygen (asphyxiation), electrical shocks, cardiac arrest, and exposure to infectious agents.

Further equipment may be needed for the provision of First Aid where there are unusual or specific risks.

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