OC5B Oxygen Concentrator

AED3,000.00 (Excluding VAT)

The molecular sieve imported from France is adopted, long in use life and high in adsorption efficiency.

The air intake filter met international standard is adopted, which can remove the particle whose diameter is more than 10 um.



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  • 5 L Oxygen concentration
  • Timing shutdown function.
  • SPO2 measurement function.
  • 6 Flow range
  • 6 OC3B : 0.5~3 L, /min
  • OC5B : 0.5~5 L, /min
  • Oxygen concentration: 93%i3% (flow: 3L/5L).
  • 6 SpO2 measurement range: 0 %~l00 %
  • Waterproof and dustproof degree: IP21

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