The public sector includes establishments that provide museums, zoos, amusement and theme parks, marinas. The Hospitality sector includes hotels and other traveler accommodations, food services, and drinking places.When working in any part of the Hospitality industry it is vitally important that you are ready with the skills and confidence to help you clients immediately if there is an accident or medical emergency at your premises. You have a duty of care to your staff to ensure that there is appropriate First Aid cover for their needs and we will help to ensure that you are prepared for all the most likely eventualities Emergency medical equipment is essential to have for quick response to emergencies when paramedics are not present during the first critical moments.

Emergency oxygen is simple to use – just turn the dial to ‘ON’ and everything else is preset to go. Remember, you only have three minutes to get to the victim before irreparable brain damage sets in. Easy to use and reliable. Simply press the ‘ON’ button and follow the voice prompts. You must get to the victim within the first five minutes, if not, for every minute thereafter you have 10% less chance at saving a life

Stretchers are a legal requirement for Resorts having more than 15 employees and/or guests at a single time. Used to simply transport victims to a safe environment when they are unable to move.

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